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The Business Software Alliance maintains telephone hotlines and a web site to encourage disgruntled employees and vendors to make anonymous reports against companies of all sizes. The BSA dedicates a substantial portion of its revenue marketing to these "rats," promising them confidentiality and the ability to make an anonymous complaint. The Business Software Alliance investigates all reports of software piracy without independently confirming the veracity of the information provided or the motive of the person making the complaint.

Once a report is received, the Business Software Alliance makes a decision about whether to request a self-audit or to immediately file suit. In the overwhelming majority of cases, the Business Software Alliance pursues the self-audit approach. Acting either through an internal enforcement attorney or an outside law firm, the BSA will send a letter to the target company requesting a self-audit. To see samples of these letters click here. The request for an audit is a critical stage in the process, and the time when an experienced attorney can help your business the most. If your company has received an audit letter from the Business Software Alliance, you should contact a BSA Defense attorney now.


Q. Are all BSA audit letters the same, if not, what should I be looking for?

A. You should read your BSA audit letter carefully to determine1) what entity is being audited; 2) the software publishers involved; and 3) whether the BSA will be demanding fines or just requiring license compliance remediation.

Q. How long does the typical BSA audit controversy take to resolve?

A. Most BSA audit matters are settled between twelve and eighteen months from the original letter?


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