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Settlement Demands

After reviewing the results of a self-audit, the Business Software Alliance will send a letter either concluding the investigation or making a demand for payment of a fine and requesting other onerous conditions for settlement. To view a sample Business Software Alliance settlement demand letter click here. To use our BSA Fine Calculator to estimate your exposure click here. If you have received a Business Software Alliance settlement demand letter, it is not too late to obtain the assistance of an experienced BSA Defense attorney. Our lawyers can help you negotiate a reduction in the proposed fine and guide you through the non-monetary portions of a potential settlement with the Business Software Alliance. If you have received a settlement demand letter, you now realize that this is a serious legal matter that requires experienced counsel to protect your company’s interests.


Q. Do you accept cases after the BSA has already made a settlement demand?

A. Yes. We are frequently hired after the Business Software Alliance sends its initial settlement demand.

Q. We just received a settlement demand from the BSA. How can you help us?

A. Our first step is to review the audit materials submitted and the BSA’s initial settlement demand. In many instances, the audit information produced is not accurate or the BSA’s lawyers have failed to give the client credit for all of its software entitlements.

Q. What is the largest BSA settlement demand you have seen?

A. Just under one-million dollars. Most cases involve demands between fifty and two-hundred fifty thousand dollars.

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