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BSA audits can be intimidating and can result in significant financial penalties and loss of productivity to an organization.  Because the risks of noncompliance are so high, a company that has been contacted by the Business Software Alliance should contact experienced counsel to protect the business. Many companies commit common mistakes like providing information that is outside the scope of the BSA's request, failing to understand and properly provide the requested information, or failing to secure an appropriate confidentiality agreement before producing audit materials.  Scott & Scott, LLP has a dedicated practice group focused on defending companies accused of software piracy by the Business Software Alliance. We are familiar with opposing counsel, and have resolved hundreds of BSA audits without litigation.  We will help you avoid the pitfalls many companies face when responding to an audit.  Even if you have already received a settlement demand, it is not too late for us to get involved.  There are many non-monetary settlement provisions that need to be addressed before an organization finalizes a settlement with the BSA.


Q. Is it necessary for me to use the BSA's requested audit format?

A. The information is typically acceptable to the BSA as long as it contains the requested information.

Q. The BSA expects a response within a week, is this negotiable?

A. The BSA's counsel can often grant extensions of time to produce audit materials.   

Q. What resources will Scott & Scott usually need to work with us on the audit?

A. We need to work with someone familiar with the IT assets, someone who helps with procurement, and a person authorized to settle the matter.

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