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Scott & Scott, LLP offers a broad range of services for businesses of all sizes. We offer services not only to companies that are already targeted by the Business Software Alliance but also to organizations that fear an investigation is imminent.  Compliance Services include an in-depth review of the deployment and entitlement information relevant to proactive compliance initiatives and counsel on what the appropriate policies and procedures are necessary to ensure compliance and minimize exposure. Regardless of whether a company's compliance project is related to an outside audit, our Privileged Audits are protected by the attorney-client privilege.  If the BSA sends a company an audit letter, our Audit Representation services include gathering the required information to demonstrate compliance, formulating an appropriate response to the Business Software Alliance, and working to negotiate a favorable resolution to the dispute.  Many of our clients engage us for Managed Compliance services after an audit is complete to develop ongoing software asset management programs.  We regularly evaluate organizations' level of ongoing compliance so that companies can satisfy their ongoing licensing obligations and remain in compliance with the terms of their settlement agreements.


Q. If I have not been audited, should I be concerned about software compliance?

A. Yes, the obligation to adhere to all the terms in licenses for software products used by your company exists even if you have not yet been audited.

Q. How often should I conduct software audits internally?

A. We recommend conducting a self assessment or health check at least twice a year. 

Q. Can you help companies establish a successful software asset management program?

A. Yes, we can help companies evaluate their current level of compliance and institute policies designed to promote future compliance.

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