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When lawyers at Scott & Scott first encountered a BSA letter many years ago, it was not easy to find counsel experienced in defending software audits.  Although it may be easier these days to find lawyers who have handled one or two software audits, there is one thing that sets Scott & Scott apart from its competition -- experience.  Since successfully resolving its first BSA matter without a settlement penalty, Scott & Scott has represented more than 215 companies of all sizes.  Our clients have ranged from one person lumber shops in South Dakota to companies with thousands of employees in Texas.

Whether your company is already under investigation or just concerned about exposure, our lawyers have the technical and legal experience necessary to protect your business against the Business Software Alliance. By engaging Scott & Scott, LLP you will leverage the years of experience gained successfully defending companies like yours against the Business Software Alliance.

Our lawyers will guide you through the audit process, into the negotiation phase, and in most instances, all the way to a satisfactory settlement. While our clients frequently decide to settle the matters without litigation, we are ready, willing and able to defend your company if litigation becomes necessary. Experience, confidentiality, and proven results make Scott & Scott, LLP the right choice for BSA Defense.

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BSA Audit Experience

  • Represented DFW area KIA dealer in a software audit conducted by the Business Software Alliance after they received a settlement demand. The BSA was represented by Thompson & Knight who alleged licensing shortages of numerous Microsoft Office products. The case was pending for two years and settled for significantly less than the BSA's original demand.
  • Represented western U.S. manufacturer of commercial trucks and vehicles in a software audit initiated by the Business Software Alliance after they submitted audit materials and received a settlement demand. After a year of negotiations focused on alleged unlicensed copies of numerous Microsoft products, the case settled for 11% of the BSA's original settlement demand with no admission of liability.
  • Hired by California Daimler Chrysler dealer to represent them in a software audit requested by the Business Software Alliance after they received a settlement demand. The BSA alleged shortages in various Microsoft product licenses. The case was settled within a year for a fraction of the BSA's original settlement demand.
  • Represented industry leader in quick service restaurant technology against allegations of software piracy by the Business Software Alliance. The BSA was represented by Klemchuk Kubasta and the case was settled in less than a year with zero settlement payment.

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